Call us what you will, but what you can’t call us is undetermined. The Photo Chain is, yes, another photoblog joining our growing list of other photoblogs, we’re determined, to add something more though. The Photo Chain isn’t a blog for just photos of landscape, animals or the sky, its catch is every photo is linked through a similarity.

The Photo Chain is what it says it is, it’s a photo chain, for those unfamiliar with the term, here’s the new blog’s explanation:

“it’s a series of photos linked together by something in common, in this case, something within the previous photo. It is hard to explain, so here is an example…

We start with a photo, …say it’s of a mountain range. Within that photo are many things; trees, clouds, snow, ski lift, so the next photo, the photo you submit is a photo of one of those, say trees. Which means the next photo is of something within the photo of the trees, possibly leaves. And so on.”

The concept is simple and fun, not only for the Photobie team, but for visitors and followers, this blog will be entirely based on user submissions. It’s a risky platform to base content sourcing off, but we’re determined to make a unique blog that makes the visitor the blogger.

The design

The Photo Chain is simple in design, but unique, the site utilizes the entire browser, you’ll notice that posts move to the line above as you enlarge your browser. The site is the first of any Andrew & Jack blog to be based entirely on one page, it’s virtually impossible to access a post’s permalink from the index page. That’s because you don’t need it, like and reblog are attached to each post on the index page and clicking the post will bring forth a larger version of the photo and information about the photo. We have though included the classic permalink pages with a wealth of features to make viewing the photos more enjoyable.

The style in which the posts are laid out was directly inspired by the Windows 8 start menu and the new Xbox 360 interface, finding appropriate simplicity in Microsoft’s Metro UI. This photoblog differs from many others as the photos’ dimensions are controlled not by the width but rather the height, allowing equal rows, giving the chain a visual feel. Upon hovering over each post, you’ll see one or two words representing the link between it and the previous link in the chain, alongside the like and reblog buttons. While posts are dynamically loaded via the arrow to the right of the last photo displayed, the loaded posts currently don’t have the lightbox option enabled (this is still in beta, expect a bug or two, we learn from public use).

The future

We have no shame in admitting that we failed to create an impact with Photobie (and it’s child blogs; The Earth Gallery, The Sky Gallery, Framable and the upcoming Animallery). But we’re determined to improve the network vastly starting with Photobie. We’re preparing another blog to launch within the next week, the Animallery (a combination of the words Animal and Gallery) as well as working with Untitled Themes to bring more ‘photo’ themes out.

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